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Installing a phone system can be extremely disruptive to any business. But this is only one of many reasons why companies dread new technology changes. If not planned out correctly, long-term stress and inevitable disasters accompany most phone installs.

When Chris Carman, REDE CEO, first started doing installs as a young technician (a long time ago), he distinctly recalls the stress of being in an office surrounded by phones and a nervous IT or Office Manager. Installs typically happened in the middle of the night or over a long weekend doing a "cutover". Stress was at an all-time high knowing that the next day the system HAD TO WORK, while inevitably some of it wouldn't because of the time it takes to tweak the system.

Many years and hundreds of installations later, REDE has developed a best practice approach to the cutover process. REDE's detailed processes and planning takes the stress out of the "cutover" and ensures that nothing is missed or left to chance. We have a multi-phase approach to the installation that will ease your company through the process of implementing your new phone system, so we can all go home at a decent hour, and Chris' hair wont turn any more gray.

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Telephone companies and Internet Service Providers (carriers) are calling and trying to sell businesses every day. In fact, the reason why you are reading this may be because someone is offering you a great deal on internet or phone service. Unfortunately, these carriers can only provide you one circuit for your connectivity: theirs. Fortunately for you, REDE has relationships with all of the major carriers so that we can provide you not one, but all of the options in regards to carriers and networks. 

Today, there are more choices than ever when it comes to choosing a carrier. REDE can easily show you all the carriers you have to choose from and what their prices are. Then, we can do all the paperwork for you (all the way except for signing the dotted line). Our years of experience working with the carriers means we know who offers the best customer service, reliability, and response times when things do go wrong. Since we are the ones fixing your outages, we are going to let you know who is the best. This saves your time and ours. 

The best part of choosing REDE is we get the same pricing you have going direct. Since the carriers pay us when you sign up with us, you don’t have to pay us to do the research and manage the installation process. In fact, we will even audit your existing phone system and give you our findings in a report that actually makes sense. And if the carrier is ever not responding to your needs, we will gladly jump in and speak their language to make sure you are taken care of at no charge.

The cherry on top? If you already ordered a circuit and just need someone to install it from that creepy phone closet outside to your data room inside, we will be happy to do that for you as well.

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Despite all of our technological advances, we still need cables to connect everything. Cabling is one of those parts of your building that will be there until you move out. It is essential to make sure it is prepared for future technologies so you don't waste money upgrading your cabling within the next year or two.

Whether it's one cable or 1,000 cables, REDE can help you design and install your wiring in a timely and organized fashion. It will even look good when its done.

There's not much else to say about wiring except that we carry CAT5e, CAT6, CATWhateverYouWant, and that at the end of the day it will work. The key is we are quick, clean, nice, and some of us are not half bad looking.

So let REDE help you design your next voice and data network. We provide free estimates, and we do nationwide installations.

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Introducing Voice into an IP network is like putting the canary in the coal mine. If there is a problem, the canary dies. 

Voice Over IP systems work on the data network and do not use the same wiring as older digital systems. More importantly, not all data networks are equipped to handle voice. You would never notice an extra one second delay on the receipt of an email, but a one second delay in a conversation will drive you nuts.

If you are thinking about installing a new Voice Over IP system, you must have a site survey done beforehand. Even if you are buying a system from someone else, REDE can offer you a site survey complete with pictures and a report of what you need to remedy, prior to installing your system. We can then estimate any necessary upgrades for you, and you can use our report to obtain a competitive bid.

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Relocating your business can be stressful and disruptive to any type of business. Relocating the phone system in a way that has minimal downtime takes a lot of coordination and experienced guidance. Many times, a relocation is the perfect opportunity for a company to upgrade or replace older technology. Rather than spending good money to simply move equipment, that money can be invested in a new system that can be installed prior to your move so you experience little to no downtime.

Whether you are looking to upgrade or just to relocate, REDE can help you coordinate your move with your carrier to make sure when you arrive that everything is working and nothing was left behind. We will work to discover everything up front and account for it on the other end. Oh, and remember that postage meter line that no one has thought about for 5 years? We will make sure that is safely moved to its new home as well.

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