Star2star Communications claims to be the most reliable and the most scalable unified communications system in the world.  REDE has been a long time partner of Star2Star, and after many years and hundreds of installations, we can not argue with them.  They offer an impressive feature set, with easy administration.  They re-engineered the way a Cloud based hosted phone system works, by creating a hybrid solution that gives you the benefits of a cloud solution, with the reliability of a premise based system.  With a wide range of phones available to choose from including Polycom, Cisco and Yealink, you are sure to find the right fit for your needs.

Some of the customers we have installed on the Star2Star platform

Network Redundancy

We know that your business is challenged with meeting the demand for continuous availability while also effectively managing enormous amounts of information that continue to grow, much of it online and often with no offline option for conducting business. When your systems are down, you risk more than loss of revenue and productivity: you jeopardize business-critical data as well as damage to your brand.

So how can you ensure less downtime and provide greater resiliency of your distributed systems, information and applications if your network goes down?

At REDE, we believe that true redundancy begins with having diverse paths from different carriers to mitigate the risk of outages. We provide an economical managed services platform for you to safeguard your network from operational downtime. At the same time, we also provide your company with some of the industry’s most powerful load balancing, traffic shaping, network visibility, and usage reporting.

Firewall Management

Our network security solutions provide application intelligence control and visualization, gateway anti-virus, anti-spyware, intrusion prevention, anti-spam, enforced desktop anti-virus, content filtering, and more. Even better, our appliances also intelligently enforce and dynamically update each of these services as new updates become available.

Telecom Audit

The Telecom industry is interesting in that as time goes by, services that are offered get better AND usually cheaper at the same time. However, has your telco carrier ever called you to tell you they are going to give you better service for a better price? Of course not. Simply asking them if you can save some money, may lower some costs, but will likely lengthen your term, and you may have saved more money elsewhere.

We find extra charges on our customers' bills all the time, such as paying for too many phone lines, or features that are not used, or line items that look like necessary charges but really are not required.


How do you really know what you need?

How do you know if the carrier has your best interest in mind?


Rede can give you a free audit of your telecom bills, to let you know:

  1. What services you are really paying for.
  2. How much service your usage patterns suggest that you actually need.
  3. What is available at your location from competitive carriers.
  4. Hidden charges that are unnecessary and could be removed simply by asking.
  5. Unused services that should have been cancelled long ago.