No-Nonsense Answers to Common Questions & Myths about All Things Telecom

Cloud Services

Q:  How do I move my phones to the cloud?

A:  Moving your system to the cloud is easier than ever with Rede’s proven process. We can install your new system side by side with your existing system, making the transition process seamless.

Q:  Should I move to the cloud?

A:  This question can be answered with a resounding YES for a variety of reasons. However, there are still some compelling reasons to have an on-premise solution for particular companies. For example, certain types of integrations or features are still better served with a premise-based solution. On the other hand, the advantages in Disaster Recovery (DR) and cost saving found with a cloud solution are hard to beat. Here at REDE, we can design top notch DR into any solution, and our consultants can help you decide what makes the most sense for your business.

Carrier Services

Q:  How much bandwidth do I need?

A:  Most hosted systems on the market require 100kb per phone. Our solution uses the latest technology to bring down that overhead to only 32kb per active talk path. Additionally, any internal calls remain on the local network so they use zero bandwidth. Each solution can vary, but in general, you can take the number of phone lines you have times 32kb, then add 100kb to determine your bandwidth needs. For example, ten lines is 320kb and with the added 100kb, you will need to have at least 420kb to operate smoothly.

Q:  What if my Internet goes down?

A:  We have several levels of failover available to us when the Internet goes down. We can fail to a secondary internet circuit, analog telephone lines, cell phones, other locations, and of course, voice mail and auto attendants will always work no matter what.  Not only that, but each user can have their own failover route, so calls meant for you will go to your cell phone, and calls for others will go to their cell phones or voicemail, or anyone else for that matter.

Network Readiness

Q:  Can my network handle more lines?

A:  This is an important question.  Many hosted providers will sell you a phone system without first answering this question, and this can cause a lot of pain if your network is not ready for it.  We will not only physically survey your location, but will also test your internet circuit for 48 hours to ensure the voice quality will be excellent. We do this BEFORE your purchase, because our first priority is to look out for your best interests and biggest concerns.

System Implementation

Q:  How do I implement a Hosted Phone solution?

A:  We will guide you through the entire process from start to finish to ensure the end result is fully functional and to your expectations. Your phone system is often the first impression your customers have of your business, so a well-designed call flow can make a huge difference.  We will help you design this call flow, including the wording and the work flow for handling calls in the most efficient way so your customers receive great service and your employees can be more productive.


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