Raving reviews from real customers and partners, many of whom we now call friends.


"The patch panel looks great!  It's very apparent that you spent a lot of time on it.  Also, thanks for including such detailed pictures, this will be helpful with trouble-shooting in the future.  The customer was very pleased with the installation, it couldn't have gone better...Extremely happy!  Thanks again for all of your hard work on this installation.  We look forward to working with you again in the future!"

Casey Schick

Professional Services Manager

“Working with Chris Carman and REDE PS was more than just a breath of fresh air… it was a revolution of service for my company and my clients. iTelecom has been a Master Agency for over 7 years and never before have we been so confident in working with a partner. Rede does amazing work and his personal customer interaction has assisted us in future sales. REDE PS is now the first and only place I call for my project management needs.”

Micah Bevitz

Owner / Operator

"The proper deployment and training of VoIP are essential components and often very challenging. Using REDE for our VoIP projects has been a crucial part of our ability to deliver on client expectations and in keeping our "Raving Fan" model."

Scott Hagizadegan 

VP of Sales

 "Thanks for your efforts on managing our Star2Star VoIP projects for the past few months. We have peace of mind knowing that you will take care of any situation that may arise. You are thorough, prompt and complete in your service delivery and keep us informed. We extend our sincere appreciation for your professional service."

Irene and Vincent Casella

HIGHRISE Communications, Inc.

"The communication was very responsive and detailed, and great follow up. Everything looked great, the pictures [of the installation] were a help and the customer seems happy. [The Project Management Portal was] easy to navigate and nice to be able to ... we will be using you in the future where we can!"

Robyn Gawron

Project Coordinator
Xela Communications

“Our company has had a business relationship with Chris Carman for 10 years. When we first met Chris we instantly knew that he would be the right business partner for us. Chris has helped us on projects as well as maintained our phone system. We feel very confident that Chris will provide accurate information for us to make informed decisions. More importantly, he is a trusted advisor and always delivers successful results.”

Leslie Simmons

Vice President IT
SullivanCurtisMonroe Insurance Services, LLC

“Chris is not only a knowledgeable and effective technical consultant; he is also a friendly and professional individual. I've had the pleasure of working with Chris as both a colleague and as a patron of his services, and have found him to be nothing short of dedicated to an excellent client experience.” 

Samuel Singer

Director of Carrier Solutions
The Comtel Group

“Chris has made my company's installs go in smooth, without headaches. He's ALWAYS there to assist and support our clients. Most important, Chris knows all ends of telecom, from IP to analog, which is extremely valuable in today's market. We would not operate as efficiently without him.”

Austin Kaplan 


"Dear Chris,
Thank you for your help! The support and service you provided to our customer has been exceptional. I have received very positive feedback from their representative and I want you to know how much your assistance is appreciated.

Your ability to assist us with meeting our customer's high needs is highly valued and we at Area Communications would unreservedly recommend you to other Star2Star dealers and prospective customers. I look forward to continuing our business relationship!"

Debbie Reid 

Project Manager
Area Communications

"I would like to thank RedePM and their professionalism during the Installation. Innovation Dynamics Star2Star system is online and functioning as intended. The installation went smoothly. We encountered one issue with when we were integrating the Starbox with their router, but this was resolved quickly.Thanks!"

Jonathan Klein 

Professional Services Implementation Technician

"I had to take time out to send a huge thanks to Marwan and who he reports!

Marwan has been able to not only assist in my projects with Mistras but be a valuable asset to our team.  I could not have gotten the success rate on our projects thus far without the help of Marwan and REDE PS.  Marwan was extremely prompt, precise, and professional.

It has been a great pleasure to work with Marwan and the technicians sent by REDE PS in the field!  It has made my job a whole lot easier.

Please take care of Marwan as he should be valued as a huge asset in the success of REDE PS. Thank you for your time."

Gregg Viaud

IT Network Manager
Mitras Group, Inc.