Responsiveness, technical ability, efficient clean and organized work, and someone that will run through walls to get the job done.
— Chris Carman, CEO, REDE


The Story of REDE Professional Services

I started Rede Project Management to be the company I was looking for when I was managing National Accounts for a large telecom company. I was constantly hiring people all over the country with varying levels of responsiveness and aptitude, however; I was frustrated with the lack of follow-up, responsiveness, and technical ability that these companies, whom I hired, would show me. Over and over again, they would tell me that they had their own customers to deal with and I would have to wait. Wasn’t I their customer as well? But since I had to hire local talent to install for my customer, more often than not telecom companies would treat my business differently.

So after many years of running interconnects, and having been a tech myself, I knew exactly what I wanted. Responsiveness, technical ability, efficient clean and organized work, and someone that will run through walls to get the job done. 

That is what I wanted in a company, so that is what I offer you. Whether you buy a phone system from us, or you simply want us to install one for YOUR customer, we will treat you with the utmost importance. We will respond quickly, and do everything to make the job smooth, clean and right. We are thankful for the business and will do the best work possible. Please call us, we are always ready!

- Chris Carman, Founder and CEO

REDE keeps you a step ahead, here's how:

  • Unlike many other nationwide installers, we specialize in Hosted VoIP solutions. 
  • We structure contracts around a win-win philosophy. We aren't interested in jobs where your company can't accomplish your desired goals. This is true for one-time projects, as well as long-term partnerships.
  • We don't limit you. Our customers are able to choose from the full spectrum of carriers, cables, and equipment on the market today.  
  • Our team takes pride in remaining one-step ahead of where the VoIP and telecom industry is going, meaning you don't have to worry about buying equipment or technology that will be irrelevant in a year.
  • Moving to a new phone system can be a tremendous undertaking, to say the least. We've been there, endured the pain, and have engineered a way to make the switch as smooth and painfree as possible.